Thursday, 13 December 2018

My Friends

 This is me and my friends.It is the last year we will all be our last year together.
They have always helped me when i need help.
They will always be there when i have no friends.
We have fun together 
Wish you all a happy merry Christmas 

Love you all

Sunday, 2 December 2018

My Uncles Birthday

On Saturday the 29th of September I woke up early at 6:00 o'clock because it was my Uncles birthday.My Uncle pasted away last year on the 28th  of August.  

After we woke up,my cousin and i made our beds and got ready.After that we all went down stairs ,and had breakfast,we had a hot bacon and egg pie.We ate breakfast as fast  as we could  so we could leave the house. 

Next we went to my nans house because we all had to meet up.My family were all there we gathered together for a little prayer.We said a little prayer because we all wanted to have a good day. 

After we prayed it was time to go.It took us 7 minutes to get to halfmoon Bay. We got on the ferry to take us to  waiheke island.

Once we got on the there we had to wait in the car. While we were waiting,we played I spy.My cousin Paku spied for a red big boat,and i looked back and it was a big red ferry.

After we got on the ferry we went in the cafe.In the cafe there was a TV.The programme we were watching was animal plant.

Later on it was getting too boring so I went up stairs.Up  stairs had a good view, and i so the sky tower  and the city.

A round 10:00 o'clock am we arrived at Waiheke island.When we arrived we got in the car and we drove to the beach. Suddenly when we got to the beach. 

After that we had a BBQ. We had patties, potato Salad and chicken. It was yummy!After that we had dessert.For dessert we had vanilla cake and ice-cream.That was delicious.


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

My Story

One spoke day a 7 feet gigite named Jack woke up.As soon as he woke up he made him breakfast.When he was eating his breakfast he looked out his window and saw a elephant and a person on top he thought it was the Mayer.

Next he went outside and said’ what are you doing on my land the people said we feel into a dark black hole.Jack said then what are you doing here then jack said.They replied I was looking for this little boy named Tim.

Later on Tim came out and Jack said’ hi son there is a visitor here for you.Tim said’ who is that Jack said’ he is a person who fell in the big hole. So he said’ that his son saw you help him on the road when he bought some bread and nearly got run over when he was crossing the road.So they came to say thank you.Tim replied no worries.

Next Tim invited them for lunch.For lunch they had roast lamb and rice and potato slade.When they were having dinner Jack cloths the windows,blinds and the kurtains. The maye said’ what are you doing. Jacked replied said’ I am going to feed you to my dogs.He tried to call someone but there was no single around.Jack said’ It is time, he told Tim to get the knife.

Later on Tim said’ dad is this the wrong thing to do.Jack said’ no this is why we are here.IN the count of three Jack said’ ONE…..TWO…..THREE.HEY put your hands up said Jacks next door neighbours   What are tou trying to do to the Mayer he asked? Jack never replied.He untyed te mayer and set him free.

Lastly the mayer wenthome and he never ever WENT back again!!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Tennis With Peter

On Tuesday the 23 after Interval we went and did tennis.The person we did Tennis with was Peter. We learnt not to hit the hard because when we hit the ball our partner would have to run after it.So we have to hit it soft.Than we went in to partners and we played Tennis.It was fun.I also enjoyed It.